The Lithuanian Government are Planning to Make a New Science Innovation Center

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The Lithuanian Government are Planning to Make a New Science Innovation Center

In the city of Kuanas, Lithuania the Lithuanian government are holding a contest of the architectural design for the new science innovation center called the “Science Island”. They have chosen three winners for the architectural design the 1st place winner gets their design chosen to be built and win 15,000 Euros. They plan to start building in 2017 hopefully the construction will end in 2018. The three winners are companies from Australia and Spain(Both working together), UK, and finally China. This project will take 25 million Euros to build and it will be 140,000 square feet.
If you want to look at the pictures they are in order.

The design from Australia and Spain isn’t very descriptive all you see are steps and a park like area around them maybe if they showed the entire design it would have been better and in their second picture there are people walking towards a weird circular shape that is glimmering in the winter sunlight and you can barely see it against the sky, the only way to improve the pictures is to bring them closer and at the right angle.

Australia and Spain’s Pictures

The UK’s design on the other hand is very descriptive and is a very nice and innovative design with all the triangular shapes at the top on a hill, but there is a picture of the inside and it isn’t descriptive there is a sitting area that looks like a cafeteria seating area and there is a giant disco ball like structure hanging from the ceiling which makes it very unusual for it, what makes this structure more unusual is that there are people walking out of the ball, in the bottom left corner you can see a bit of office space. The bad thing about this place is that it seems too public since there are literally stripes in the ceiling and in the walls that people can literally walk through.

UK’s Pictures

The Chinese design has a lot of promise on the outside it has a normal rectangular shape on the outside, but for the roof there are round pyramid like structures the picture also depicts it next to a river which will make it a very nice faculty to work in. On the picture for the inside it is an unusual and nice structure that has a modern feeling to it and the walls are made of glass in a wave-like pattern that makes it even more modern looking. The good thing is that the facility isn’t too private because of the glass so the people working on the inside are able to see outside for the weather or to help them think while people on the outside can see inside to look at the nice architect and the people working, there is a lot of room inside so there can be more stuff inside to do. The ceiling of the interior is very nice since it is made of wood rafters and it reminds us of our past and our accomplishments in science and has almost a Davinci-esque design. In my opinion this is the best design and I have high hopes for this one winning because it isn’t too private, but not too public and it combines the elements of modern and rustic architecture, Once you see the pictures you might agree with me too.

China’s Pictures

In my opinion China’s idea is the best choice. It has the right amounts of publicity and privacy to it. It has a lot of space and a lot of design that is inspirational. The UK’s design is my second place because it has a nice design, but it lacks privacy and space. And in last place is Australia and Spain’s design because it doesn’t show anything and it lacks description. Whichever one wins it is a good idea as long as they tweak some things that are needed. So in conclusion these ideas have a lot of potential to them they just need to be fixed.