Mark Zuckerberg and Oculus VR Virtual Reality Technology

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Mark Zuckerberg and Oculus VR Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality is a huge thing that has come out recently and it comes in many shapes and sizes. Virtual Reality technology is very interesting and it mainly consists of a headset that has a screen inside and you can walk around and turn around and there is a ton of stuff and you are more free. This technology is used more for entertainment like video games and simulations, but it can be used for other things too. Here is how virtual reality is to me.

It is great for entertainment because it takes you to a completely new world and it is just really cool. There are many companies selling VR tech and they are usually pretty good and there are games that are made exactly for this technology. Not only can you play games with VR tech but you can watch movies with it too and you can do simulations like roller coasters and stuff like that. There are many opportunities for sale for VR tech.

VR headgear and anything that comes additional are pretty expensive but it could be worth it if you think about it. There are so many things you can do with VR tech and they are all pretty fun and cheap like getting apps on your phone to do simulations and games or you can watch movies and even videos on youtube in VR mode. If you want to try out VR really bad, but you can’t really afford an expensive headset then buy google cardboard a lot of stores sell it and it comes for really cheap and the only thing you need for it to function it a phone to put in it. There are many options for VR tech that are either cheap or nice and expensive.

There are many other uses for VR tech than just entertainment. You can use it for training for flight simulators or you can travel to places just from your couch. There was an article talking about drone pilots using VR to pilot their drones even better than before and they would have every angle of the situation. At some schools companies are planning to help teach their children using VR tech which would be really useful because they would know what the place your learning about looks like and you can observe wildlife in their natural habitat without leaving the classroom.

I think VR technology is an amazing and I can’t wait until it maybe progresses even further. There are many things the VR tech can do and most of the uses are pretty cool and fun. If you have any questions about VR technology please contact me.