Cockroach Milk???!!!

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Every day many people have their breakfast with milk. The milk we drink comes from cows, goats, buffalo, and sheep for the entire earth. Scientist recently did a study about cockroaches and that we soon might be drinking their milk. At least that is what the scientists are proposing. This may sound crazy, but cockroach milk may have lots of nutrients. Already scientists are referring to them as “mini-livestock”.

In 2004, Subramanian Ramaswamy was studying crystals in the guts of cockroach embryos. These crystals come from the Pacific Beetle Cockroach. They are the only species of cockroach to be viviparous (which means they give live birth). The mothers feed their developing babies with a milk like liquid with those crystals in it that are filled with protein. To learn more about these crystals scientists studied them through an X-ray. A scientist found out this “Milk” is three more times nutritious than cow’s milk and four times more nutritious than buffalo milk.

Some scientist wants to find out if they can turn it into a protein supplement to feed the hungry. A problem scientists seemed to find was that they could only produce a very small amount of milk even in large amounts if we did it in large amounts we will need to raise a lot of them and then kill them all for just small amounts of milk. Scanning data shows that in the milk it contains sugar with fatty acids stuck to it. Fatty acids are an essential protein for humans and we can’t hold them in so we have to take it in as food the baby cockroaches need these proteins too.

Scientist have figured out a way to mass produce this milk. They have to produce it in vats of yeast. This process is used for lots of things like medicines. They do this by adding specific genes to the yeast and then they multiply making mass produced things that need that gene. In this case we need to add the genes that produce the protein to the yeast. People are going to love the new cockroach milk.