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3-d printers are amazing things that are capable for doing many things. They are really cool and are very useful for making prototypes even though they are a bit on the costly side they are still great. Here is what I think about 3-d printers.

They are really cool things to use and I love them because they are pretty useful. If you don’t know what a 3-d printer is (you should know) it is a special machine that melts plastic and pushes the melted plastic on a location in the machine to print it. They are very useful for making prototypes for projects so you can make the object a scale model of your project so you have a good look at what it should look like. They are also useful for those who want to make a weapon or costume for Comic con or events like that. I think it is one of the coolest things so far invented and I hope I can get a really nice good one.

Their performance is fairly good for a machine that is made for making things. There is the occasional jam or calibration glitch, but those are few and far between because the problems aren’t that hard to fix an they are pretty rare for a high quality device. The high quality printers are great for detail and they can print things probably faster. The big ones are one of the best because first of all you can print big things and you can get a high quality one to do detail which is a great choice. There are a ton of 3-d printers to choose from so hopefully if you want one you make the right choice.

The biggest problem about a 3-d printer is that they are pretty costly. They are expensive but it is worth it and there are really small 3-d printers that are pretty cheap. Another way to solve this problem is to use the one that is hopefully at your library. The final way you can solve this problem it to make a 3-d model I recommend Tinkercad (this is a website just for making models so you can print them) and maybe send it to a company to print it or if there is one send it to a 3-d printer store that will do printing requests. Remember none of these options are free but they are a lot cheaper.

I think 3-d printers are one of the greatest things of this generation. I hope you agree with my thoughts about these new technology printers. If you have any questions about 3-dimension printing please contact me.