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Physical Science, Chemistry, Astronomy…

SCIENCE is elusive, challenging, amazing… and it is up to us to keep our minds alive, vibrant and ever-searching for the answers.

But why? Because we can quite literally solve the worlds problems.

Hungry? Homeless? Pollution? all the answers on how to better our planet are attainable through science.

Hence this site and the promotion of learning, growing and solving current issues.

Where to start? Well, you can do a simple search:

The EPA has cool global warming/greenhouse effect pages and animations.

Layers of the atmosphere come to life online with Shockwave animations.

Visit the ThinkQuest sponsored site called the Soundry, a very cool place to learn more about sound waves and stuff.

Colordao University has a nice physics page with flash animations.

Who’s out there? A SETI adventure!

Then there’s “CERN’s in Two Minutes” web site.

And the EPA’s Radiation Education web site.

You can even view the great Ozone Hole!

Or learn about the solar system and all the stuff in it (there’s more than you think!).

Classroom of the Future has a great Global Climate Change lesson.

Submit your ideas to us, we’d love to help out.

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